5 Essentials For Picnic with A Toddler

Who doesn’t love a good sunny and 65 picnic day?! I intend to take full advantage of most of them as long as they are also dry. #aprilshowersbringmayflowers

This past weekend, the fam bam went on a picnic with our friends by a little creek that very few people seem to be aware exists. It was beautiful, and peaceful, and it was the perfect first picnic of the season. I am looking forward to many more…

Here is a list of the 5 items I packed and found to be very essential

Portable Picnic Mat.

Before having our little boy, my husband and I were pros at slumming it when we went out hiking, picnicking or just sight seeing. We were never prepared. Can’t afford to do that now with our little guy. We are learning that in order to have a successful, very-minimal-fuss day, we need to have certain things on hand that will make him comfortable. Having a good picnic mat your little can sit or lay on is one of those essential things. Sometimes, he loves the grass, sometimes he doesn’t. Either way, we have one and are covered. 

I found this sea blue one on Amazon that is just perfect. The material is very soft and is also water proof (and sand proof for beach days) perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This extra large one on Amazon is more colorful, if you like color, and also water proof.

Picnic Basket.

I love a cute picnic basket that can also transport all the food you need. We bought ours  about 2 years ago from bed, bath & beyond. It was an impulse buy that has been worth it. I couldn’t find the exact type we have but I found one on Amazon and one on Bed,Bath&Beyond that have very similar product details. 

Baby Wipes.

I packed these for our kid like I always do, along with his diapers. However, I found it to be oh so useful for a number of other things including wiping our hands before and after munching, I used it to wipe down the picnic mat after we spilled to get the stain off, and just after we were done. We used these Huggies ones when we first had our baby, but have now settled on this Amazon brand and have it on a monthly subscription; you save a few bucks doing that. What brand wipes do you use for your little one Also, what else do you use baby wipes for in your home

Change of Clothes.

We all know you always bring change of clothes when you are dealing with and infant or a toddler. A picnic is no different. Accidents occur and you want to be prepared for those. I also just brought a change because I wanted my kid to explore, get dirty and wanted to change him out of the dirty clothes if necessary so he had a comfortable ride home. 

Games/Play Items

I packed soccer and basket balls because that’s what my little one is into now. He likes to throw and kick them around. The idea is to pack something that can keep them busy and entertained for a while. Obviously, pack according to what your kid likes and will actually play with.

Although I didn’t pack any first-aid kit or ice packs, those will probably be a good idea. Thankfully, we didn’t have any accidents!

What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below 




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