5 Odd Gift Options For New/First-time Moms They Didn’t Know They Needed But Will Absolutely Love

Vaginal Steam Seat

Yes, you heard that right! A spa, for your vagina!

And your momma that had a vaginal birth will love you for it.

I remember many Nigerian mothers, including my mom, sitting on a bucket of hot water after birth for a few days. Obviously not as fancy as what this Amazon product offers, but same idea and still very effective.

Many moms go through a lot of pain and discomforts due to the tears they get during birth that they just deal with and never talk about. This steam will help relieve some of that discomfort and help with the healing process. 

It’s also a great product to have just for everyday use. Because, girl, your  vagina goes through a lot on a daily and it really does need some Tender, Love and Care. If you do it for your hands and feet, I think you should do it for your vagina too.

Obviously, I’m no medical doctor, so I have no idea how this may affect the ph balance of that region, so you probably shouldn’t do it daily. Also, go ahead and consult your doctor regarding frequency. 

Meal Train or Meal Service

Best idea ever!

New mommas can hardly catch a break to think about preparing a meal (worse, a healthy or balanced meal) for themselves between the late nights and the constant feeding. A meal train is a life saver and your new momma will thank you for it.

I was fortunate to have a church family that put together a meal train for me and my family that lasted about a month. A MONTH. I didn’t have to worry about food/cooking at all. It was one thing off my list and I was immensely grateful.

There are a few options if you are considering this gift option. Some people bring home-cooked meals, some bring store/restaurant bought. If you have a busy schedule and are unable to cook or stop by a restaurant/store, HelloFresh and Blue Apron are also good meal service options. These are obviously not cooked meals but it takes out the grocery shopping and meal prepping step! I have used HelloFresh and can vouch for it.

There are many podcasts (if you listen to them) that offer discounts. If you don’t, just select a random podcast on iheart radio and I’m sure you’ll get a discount code off that… You’re welcome!

Diapers. Lots and Lots of Diapers

I don’t know why people never give diapers at baby showers. If you don’t you should. 

I have not yet met a mom that does not complain about how expensive these stupid things are. We all going into this gig (and by gig, I mean parenthood), knowing how expensive it gets, but when you’re in it, it hits you like a brick wall.

Get a momma a box of diapers, please! It’s the least you can do

Backseat Car Organizer

A Diaper bag is great. Love it. use it

But a backseat car organizer, that is pre-packed with all your baby’s essentials, and can seat in your car, even better!

You can never be too prepared when you are dealing with a new baby and you will most definitely forget something that you need when you go out at some point. New mom brain is a thing. Having the basics already seating in your car – diapers, wipes, extra bottles, change of clothes, etc. will make you feel a little less like a terrible mom. 

As your kid gets older, essentials obviously change and this organizer is great for all the changes. I have had it since my little was very little and is now one year and half and I still find it very useful.

Your new mom will love it!


You guys. You. Guys. Confession – I am forgetful. I get it from my Dad. I am not proud of it, I am owning it. Good news though… I haven’t forgotten my kid yet. So huge success!

There is also a thing as (new) mom-brain. I don’t care what anyone says, it is worse than pregnancy brains (NOTE: obviously these are not scientific facts, but facts nonetheless). If you couple that with an already forgetful and go go go brain, you get a whole lotta car-keys-locked-in-the-car situations.

Now AAA was a gift I got and didn’t think I needed. They are a roadside assistance, among other things. They will come unlock your car, bring you gas, and jump your car… and I couldn’t be more grateful to have this service handy. There have been times when I have planned a grocery store run and my car wouldn’t start (this was in the winter months), and AAA to the rescue in like 30mins. The best!

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  1. I got the vjj bath from the hospital- they gave it to me. I put only water and sat in it for 15 to 20 mins everyday. I think they said I should sit longer. but baby. Def a life saver. A lot was going on down there

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