5 Outdoor Things To Do With Your Toddler This Spring

As a first time toddler mom, I have been impatiently awaiting the weather to get warmer, to hear the birds chirping, and to finally turn my heat off, put my windows up and feel some fresh air sweep through the house. 

My husband and I are huge outdoors people and we are excited to experience the outdoors with our little one. If you are anything like us, you probably already go to these things but can now bring your wee one without worrying about frost bites 😂😅🙄. So without further ado, here are my five suggestions for you…

Take a Hike. You have been mostly stuck in doors all winter long but you can finally get out and be active. What better way to get your muscles going again than to go hiking with your toddler. Start small with an easy stroller-friendly trail hike, stack up on water, snacks, diapers and you are good to go! Spring (or Fall really) is the best time to go hiking in my opinion. Not too hot but warm enough to get you sweating a little bit.

Go to the park! Pack a picnic basket if you will. Fly a kite. Bring a ball. Ride the swings. Your toddler will have the time of their lives running around under the open sky. Let them explore with the grass and sand but watch out for bugs!

Visit a Farm. You will be surprised at the number of activities farms offer through out the year, but mostly during warmer weather. At Spring time many of them have Easter egg hunts, hay rides, play (and even feed) with the farm animals, mini camps for old toddlers. Google is your friend, just type in farms in my area and see what you find.

Festivals Galore. There are so so many festivals that start off warm season with yummy food, wine, and music festivals. Your toddler will love people-watching with all the people swarming around (mine gets absolutely fascinated)! Many food and music festivals are very child friendly. Look them up in your state and see what they offer. Some major ones that you can count on to be a delight for you and your family are the National Cherry Blossom festivals (if you are in the D.C. area) and Holi Festival of Colors. You can spend as much or as little you want. Pack your own sandwiches to limit how much food you end up buying and just go to enjoy the beauty. However, you have to indulge in a good funnel cake. 

S’Mores Night Out. You can’t go wrong with a good fire and some s’more on a cool night! Again, perfect weather for some heat, yes or yes? You can have a fire in your back yard if you have a private backyard. You can also do it at a State or City park depending on park rules and regulations. You need not have a fancy fire pit to do this; a cheap store bought fire pit will make for a great fire for just you and your family or with a few friends.

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