Kim Kardashian Can Become A Lawyer Without Going to Law School- Four States To Take the Bar Without Going To Law School

Kim Kardashian West’s Charity Work with Children’s ...Recently, Kim Kardashian announced that she wants to become an attorney but without going to law school. Gasp!

How dare she?!?!

Everyone is obviously up in arms about this. I’m not sure if this is because it is Kim Kardashian. You know, the woman who became popular for her notorious sex tape with Ray J (an RnB artist), and is making more money than most of us dream of and has gained major fame since or if this is because people actually believe she is scamming the system because of her “privilege”.

The big question is, Can Kim really become an attorney without attending law school?

Regardless of the reason why people are mad about this, the answer to that question is YES.

In fact, there are four (4)  States in the U.S where you can become eligible to take the Bar and become a licensed attorney in that State without stepping a foot in any law school. Except maybe to use the law library. 

Here is a quick run down of those four States and what they require


The State of California offers a law office or judge’s chamber study program in lieu of attending law school.

Under Rule 4, the State requires that a student complete a four year law study in a law office or judge’s chambers or a combination to become eligible to take the bar.

The student must pass a first year law student exam after one year of law study, and do so within three consecutive periods after becoming eligible. Complete a minimum of 18 hours per week for a minimum of 48 weeks in the first year.

These are among other requirements that must be fulfilled.



The State of Virginia offers a Law Reader Program in lieu of attending law school. 

The State requires the student be enrolled in this program for three years before becoming eligible to take the bar. Each calendar year must consist of a minimum of 40 weeks and the student must complete a minimum of 25 hours per week. 

The student is also required to pass an examination at the end of each calendar year. 

These are among other requirements by the State.



The State of Vermont offers a Law Office Study program in lieu of attending law school.

In Rule 7 of the Rules of Admission, Vermont lays out its requirements. The student must complete a four-year course of study that must include at least  44 weeks of study within a calendar year and at least a minimum of 25 hours per given week. An alternate combination of law school and law office study program may be approved per the Boards discretion.

In order to be eligible for this program, the participant must have an a bachelors degree from a U.S higher education institution.

These requirements are among several other requirements by the State.



The State of Washington offers a Law Clerk program in lieu of attending law school.

Rule 6 lays out the requirements for this program. In order to qualify for this program, the applicant must have a bachelors degree, and be a full time employee under an attorney who has a minimum of 10 years law practice experience.

It is a four year program during which the clerk must complete 6 subjects, pass a written examination every month, and submit three book reports.

These are among several other requirements by the State. 

 Apart from the above mentioned states, there are three other States that permit a combination of law schooling and law study; Maine, Newyork, Wyoming.

Law school has it’s perks but I’m not sure the pros of going to law school far outweigh the pros of going this non-traditional route, especially considering how expensive law school is.

I think more people should take advantage of these programs.

What say you? Is Kim being smart or being a privileged lazy brat? Let me know in the comments below



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    1. haha maybe… but i’m not entirely sure is easier than going to law school. It depends on how much work she puts in.

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