New USCIS Tool To Calculate Fees

Determining the accurate fees when applying for many immigration benefits has proved problematic over the years especially for petitioners who file for their benefits without an attorney. USCIS states that “in fiscal year 2017, [they] processed more than 11 million applications [and] for applications that require fees, [they] reject forms submitted with an incorrect payment amount.” USCIS continued to say that  “Fee issues, including incorrect fee amounts, are consistently a leading cause of rejection.” Recently USCIS created a tool to tackle this issue.

The new tool will help the petitioner in calculating the correct fee amount to include when filing their forms with USCIS. The process is simple when using the online fee calculator, petitioners will select the form they are filing (or a combination of forms, the calculator allows you to choose multiple forms), answer a series of questions which is based on the type of benefit you are filing. The tool then calculates the correct fee amount that the petitioner must submit.

The Calculator works on both desktop and mobile devices. and does not collect user data to protect privacy.

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