Surviving Winter With A Young Toddler

Beginning my stay at home mom career in the beginning of winter was probably not the best decision when it comes to the logistics of the matter. Let’s just say, finding my footing as a well rounded care taker for my younger toddler in bitter cold weather and flu season was no where near a bed of roses. Worse laid bed ever. However, it was the bed I had laid and by goodness I was going to lay in it. Also, I had no choice.

I say all of that to say, it took me about two months to find and settle into a good working routine. Y’all!, me without a routine for that long is not a pretty scene. You ever see a headless chicken running around?!?! That was me for two months. I don’t do very well. Plus my toddler was switching up his schedule on me without due notice. Not knowing what to expect at say 10:00 am or 2:00 pm was driving me insane. I was frantic. ALL. THE. TIME.

Today, I am proud to announce that I am back to being stable and kicking you know what at this stay at home business in my opinion. Finding activities that we both enjoyed (because mama needs to be entertained too) outside the home was tough. Again, bitter cold, flu season. Although, I love love love my kid. I really do y’all! But he is a handful and dealing with him 247 at home is not my favorite option. So we found a couple things to do that involved other people to help me retain my sanity. My goal was to have other people join in watching him as was possible for a few hours.#bestmomaward 


Let me first clarify that by younger toddler I mean a child between the ages of 12 months and 18 months. At this age, their gross and fine motor skills are a lot stronger. That means they are now walking or really close to walking, picking and dropping things, etc. They are really alert and interested in things but only for a few second. They are still too young to have the ability to or enjoy the things a supposed toddler would enjoy like “arts and crafts,” “baking” projects, jumping in the snow or building a snow man etc. I’m saying this from experience not from a scientific finding – don’t bother asking your doctor.

As a result, there aren’t very many outside activities to do with your kiddo in the winter. You will end up having to repeat things and as much as you try to switch things up you will end up doing the same things. Embrace it, and like a job, attack it with with the same enthusiasm you would writing a boring ass brief. 

Go walking. Yes, mundane but your little needs to go outside. SO DO YOU! Bundle up, find yourself a podcast you can stand for m ore than 30 minutes and go for a stroller walk with your mini. You will both be the better for it.  PSA: Please remember to not have ear phones in both ears so that you can be aware of your environment.

Join a mom and me class. I joined a whole bunch that have classes on different days. One is simply a reading class with a bunch of other children and their parent at my local library. Another is just a mom circle where you meet up with other moms and their kids at our local grocery store – you’ll be surprised at the variety of things you can do at your grocery store – to talk about nothing and everything. The benefit is your kid gets to play with other kids his age in a kid friendly room.Your local library is a good place to look for classes. Mine offers a variety and for different ages too.

Plan play dates. If you don’t have friends make a few. I know, easier said than done.  It also doesn’t even have to be with another mother. Many of your single or married friends who don’t have kids would still love to love on your child. They especially love that you leave in a couple hours. It’s a WIN WIN.

Dance sessions. You don’t have to have the best moves, just turn some music on and jam away with your little. He or she will love it and you both get a good work out in.

Go to the Farmers Market.  This is a recent favorite of mine. It is a more expensive activity on the list but it is oh so worth it. You and your kiddo enjoy a cultural experience that is very hard to come by in certain neighborhoods. Your kid enjoys a variety of flavorful meals that they are not normally exposed to. It’s perfect!

Winter is almost over, and boy, am I glad! I will be better prepared next winter, and so will you if you look into incorporating some of these ideas in your daily schedule.

What activities have you done to survive winter? with or without a young one. Let me know in the comments below!



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