Three Ways I Found To Save On My COMCAST BILL, And So Can You!

The more I adult, the more I realize adulting is not for me, and I don’t want to be a part of it!

Also, the more I have kids (because I’m apparently on my way to having a whole football team), the more I realize that a home brewed iced coffee is just as good as a nice tall venti from starbucks… naahhh who am I kidding, nothing is as good as a nice venti of iced coffee from starbucks. But shelling out $4.59 on iced coffee has had to take a back burner on my list of priorities (sometimes) because diapers cost a fortune.

Also, speaking of diapers, saving on my bills (including dreadful xfinity), goes a long way in covering the cost of my monthly diaper expenditure. So without further ado about nothing really, here are three ways I save on my comcast bill. Try them sometime.


With Xfinity, and possibly many other cable companies, you pay a monthly fee to “rent” the equipment you need in order to use their service. BS! I know! But they do it because we pay for it. You most likely pay $11 – $13

You can buy your own for less than $100 on Amazon or Best Buy and save in the long run!

Visit this link  and this link to find certified retail equipment that supports your Internet speed.

GET RID OF HBO… and Starz, and Showtime

Really. Do it!

Did you know that you pay an extra $10-$20 to have HBO and these other channels on your monthly bill.  And we all know that HBO is only good for the 3-4 months Game of Thrones is on (actually this season was a sham!). I’m not sure what the other channels offer. 

The point is, these shows that you love so much and just have to watch (so you can talk about it with your co-workers in the lunch room) are only on a few months out of the year. The rest of the year you are paying to have premium access to certain movies that you probably won’t watch anyway because you also have Netflix, and Hulu, and Amazon Prime #millennialliving.

You can cancel this subscriptions and pay a $10 fee to add HBO for the months your favorite shows are on. Or just stream the shows from a bunch of other streaming service (of which many are legal now I should add), Or just suck it, don’t watch thestupid shows, and let your co-workers tell you all about it the next day. 


So when we got our comcast package, we were able to get on a promotion. Always ask for a promotion!

But did you know that those promotions expire within a year or two and it automatic reverts back to the normal rate??!!! And if you have your bills on auto-pay, you don’t realize that you are now paying $125 instead of the $60 you were paying…

I have found that there is always a promotion offered, and all you literally have to do is call and ask for what promotions they have going on

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